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Absolute elk

This "elk bible" contains everything you need to know about elks,

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Absolute elk

ISBN10: 9188198685
ISBN13: 9789188198686
Författare: Torsten Blomquist
Förlag: Media Express Förlag och Information AB
Antal sidor: 280
Utgiven: 200407
Språk: Engelska
Bandtyp: Häftad
Vikt i gram: 306

Absolute Elk!
The ultimate guide
This trip through Sweden's elk-filled wonderland is a declaration of affection for the King of the Forest.
The elk has become Sweden's most powerful symbol, more fêted than the national ice hockey team and more typically Swedish than the yellow-and-blue of the flag or the many-coloured Dala Horse. Added to this, the elk enjoys a regal aura: in myth, humour, art, literature, music, hunting, fashion, traffic, folk tales and souvenirs.
In "Absolute elk", you'll find elks with gigantic shovel-horn antlers out in the wilds of Sweden, as well as confused elks that have strayed off course.
You can even learn the true story behind the dog-legged elk, the most famous Swedish elk of all. You can plunge into the exciting world of elk dung (!), or find a delicious recipe (no connection) for elk casserole, with ingredients that range from blood to schnapps.
This "elk bible" contains everything you need to know about elks, people and places in this land of the elk: 280 pages and more than 300 photos and drawings.
A book by Torsten Blomquist [text and concept]