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100 Birds to See Before YouDie

100 Birds to See Before You Die is a book for anyone interested in birds.

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ISBN 9781844420193

100 Birds to See Before You Die is a must-have book for anyone interested in birds, with entries on 100 of the most incredible avian species across the world, illustrated with stunning photographs of each.

Entries describe the natural history and significance of the featured species, with summary information including Size (and Wingspan, where applicable); distribution; habitat; classification; population & conservation status; and the reason for inclusion.Whilst many of the species would be on any bird enthusiast's wish list, the list has been fiercely debated over by two renowned birding authors, using various criteria to arrive at a top 100. Some species are endangered and therefore a must to see and conserve; others are quite common but have a particular plumage or behaviour that makes them exceptional; and others have a legendary status amongst birdwatchers and the layman, such as the dancing Red-crowned Cranes and the spectacular Gyr Falcon.